27 Nov

It’s been a year since I posted about that fruitcake!  Wow!

I would love to get this etsy card!  http://www.etsy.com/listing/103897158/note-card-math-story-problem-woman

I would love to get this etsy card!  Also this is what showed up when I googled ‘birthday celebration women math’

My favorite baked goods of the year:

My favorite math-content posts of the year:

My favorite other posts of the year:

Not gonna lie, sometimes I look back at my blog and random posts and giggle to myself at the puns.  I just did that with the puree pun in this post.  Wish I could make a list of my favorite puns of the year but there are far too many.

THANK YOU very much for reading, whoever you are!  It’s been a fun year and should continue being fun as I go further in my Ph.D. journey.  Oh a few weeks ago I got my candidacy letter (and promptly put it up on instagram).  Coming up in the next year: a better layout for this blog (it drives me nuts!), more baking, more math, more non-baking cooking, starting with my mom’s thit kho (Vietnamese braised pork) recipe!  Tomorrow I’m going to be baking a turducken in my cousin’s oven; it’ll be the first time my family’s eaten my turducken.  Wish me luck, and happy Thanksgiving =)


One Response to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!”

  1. Patent Lawyer January 29, 2014 at 4:42 am #

    Thanks for posting such interesting and engaging content! Love the look of some of these recipes especially! Raw Vegan brownies yuuum

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