Life posts

My thoughts about women and math

I am a woman in math

And I can get emotional about it

Also I can get data about it

Women in science link and reaction

My thoughts about math and not about women

The Terry Tao NYT article was great

On failure (includes cookies)

Why should we do math?

On not giving up

Two things I tell calculus students (one is the squeeze theorem)

“Sorry I’m dumb”

Common core is great


Common core is still great, NYTimes can suck it

NYTimes can keep sucking it (Andrew Hacker)

How to succeed in academia

Anxiety as a grad student

My thoughts about not math and not baking

Breastfeeding is hard

I’m sexist

I love Yale so much

Girls rock

I listen to podcasts

End of year wrap ups

First year

Third year


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