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Chocolate chip banana bread/cake

2 Mar

I’m no stranger to banana “bread,” especially chocolate chip banana bread, so I decided to finally throw up my hands and accept that this is actually cake.  Bready cake, and not quite as sweet as cake in a box cake (or cake pops cake), but still sweet chocolatey goodness anyway.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this, but my smart phone got jacked while I was in Haifa so these pictures sort of suck.  They’re all taken from my netbook.

Anyways!  A non-eventful not-that-productive week at school means some cheer-me-up baking time!  Whenever we buy bananas and some of them get too ripe, we throw ’em in the freezer.  I used to use plastic baggies and cut them up before so I could just take some banana chunks for smoothies etc., but then I’d have these frozen, sometimes punctured plastic baggies when bananas already have their own packaging!

This banana is bananas, b a n a n a s

These bananas are bananas, b a n a n a s.  Gwen Stefani sure called it.

So I throw these frozen bananas into a big juice glass of water and let them sit for a few minutes.  Then the peels come right off and your bananas are ready to be mushed!  With an egg, a bit less than 1/4 c milk, 1 tsp vanilla., and 1 c of melted butter (I used the microwave for 30 seconds).

Mush, whisk, mush!  These puns sleigh me.

Mush, whisk, mush! These puns sleigh me.

As usual, you’ve got the dry ingredients in a bigger bowl: whisk together 1.5 c flour, 1.5 tsp baking soda, and 1 c sugar.  Then mix those wet ingredients into your dry.

Big bowl: Chinese and Th-oh wait.  I meant Big Bowl: wet and dry ingredients

Big bowl: Chinese and Th-oh wait. I meant Big Bowl: wet and dry ingredients

Mix in a cup of chocolate chips, then throw this guy in the oven in a greased pan for 40 minutes at 350.  Before you eat all the delicious batter (the batter is SO GOOD).

Did you guys know 'doughhead' is an idiom for someone who acts without thinking?  I tried looking up idioms with 'dough' and that came up.  Weird.

Did you guys know ‘doughhead’ is an idiom for someone who acts without thinking? I tried looking up idioms with ‘dough’ and that came up. Weird.

Meanwhile you can enjoy your eggplant sandwich and an episode of “Glee.”  Then your oven timer goes off and yum!

Yo ho ho and a plate of crumbs

Yo ho ho and a plate of crumbs

Recipe, adapted from this one on allrecipes:

Preheat oven to 350

Mix in a big bowl:

1.5 c flour

1.5 tsp baking soda

1 c white sugar

(1/4 tsp salt)


1 stick butter (1/2 cup)

Mash in:

2 bananas (if frozen, use a bit less milk)

And whisk in:

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla

1/4 c milk (I use soy, which means use a little less sugar)

Mix dry ingredients with wet, then fold in

1 c chocolate chips

Bake in a greased 8×8 or whatever size pan for 30-40 minutes, or until toothpick comes out clean.

Shame on me: rum cake edition

24 Dec

So many things to be ashamed of this Christmas eve: didn’t blog last week.  Am not baking this week.  Haven’t thought about math at all for a week and a half.  But the worst, most guilt-inducing thing of all: the rum cake I made last week.

Definitely not fit to give the king... pa rum pa pum pum pum.

Definitely not fit to give the king… pa rum pa pum pum pum.

I also ran out of battery on my phone and didn’t think to take a picture of the cake, so this is boyfriend’s picture of the last bite.  So far so good, and the cake was delicious, but… here’s the shameful secret: the ingredients.

This is me trying to mix things up a little bit from all homemade

This is me trying to mix things up a little bit from all homemade baked goods

Ingredients for the cake:

1 c pecans

1 can pumpkin (pie mix)

1 box cake mix

1/2 c rum

1 hefty scoop of guilt and sadness

"Semihomemade" food drives me nuts!

“Semihomemade” food drives me nuts!

This step isn’t totally necessary, but you can toss the pecans in a pan over medium heat (no oil or anything else) until it smells nice and cozy like a Christmas fire.  I prefer toasted pecans myself, but you run the risk of burning them and having a bitter topping on your cake.  I think it’d also be good to toss these guys with a little brown sugar and cinnamon for this step.

Next: mix the cake mix, the pumpkin, and the rum.  No eggs, no oil, no spices, no work, no pride, no joy, no nothing.  Put into a cake pan.  Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes or however long the cake box says.

Orange you glad I didn't make a knock knock joke earlier?

Orange you glad I didn’t make a knock knock joke earlier?

When you take the cake out, melt a stick of butter in a pot with 2 TB water and 1/2 c sugar.  Bring it to a boil, then turn off the heat.  There’s no photos of this part because it was too exciting: stir in 1/2 c rum.  The rum will sizzle and makes LOTS of noise, then bubble up (so use a big pot!).  Then it’ll calm down, and you can drizzle the glaze all over your cake.

Voila, semi-homemade and delicious.  I didn’t take a picture with the cake because I was so ashamed.  But it’s still delicious!

Weekly Baking: Fruitcake!

28 Nov

I’ve either got the flu, mono, an iron deficiency, the stomach flu, or nothing wrong.  In any case, during algebraic topology class today instead of paying attention to applying the Lefschetz fixed point theorem to the homology of spheres, I started googling on my phone for ‘fruitcake with ginger’.

Right now I have six cups of dried fruits soaking (“macerating”) in brandy.  Wow fruitcake is expensive!  And time consuming.  Well, go big or go…. I guess just go big.  Because I’m already home.

Probably not grammatically correct

Exacerbating the macerating is exasperating

I’ve never bought brandy before.  I was surprised by the cork top!

Brandy! Not the teen star.

Also both my peeler and grater were hopelessly dull so I ended up chopping up some orange and lemon peels with a sad little paring knife.

All work and no play makes Grater a dull… grater?

After 24 hours in the brandy, I started putting together the rest of the recipe.  So many dry ingredients and spices later, I realized that I needed a POUND AND A HALF OF BUTTER.  Holy clogged arteries, Batman!  Good thing my house shops at Costco.  I found some in the freezer and melted it over low heat so as to not brown it, licking my fat-loving lips the entire time.  Err I meant I was disgusted.  By how gross it was.  Deliciously gross.  (Last few sentences are on behalf of my health-conscious boyfriend).


I wish you could see how much butter this is. It’s SO MUCH BUTTER.

I whisked the eggs into the melted butter, which I was afraid would poach the eggs in butter (and come on, how delicious would that be??), but luckily the butter had cooled by then.

Eggs in a blanket of butter

Getting ready to put another egg in that golden soup of deliciousness

This is about when I realized that I had already used my two of my largest b0wls, one for the alcoholic fruit, and one for the 10 cups of dry ingredients.  There was no way to mix them with the pot of golden splendor.  So I ended up mixing about half of all the things together at one time, and then the other half.

This is a very expensive bowl of Christmas miracle

Finally, I slapped about three spatula-fulls of batter into each of my mini-loaf pans, which I bought because they were on sale at the store and came with teeny lids, and threw it in my 275 degree oven.

Precious, precious babies

All that’s left is to let them cool, wrap them up, and baste them in brandy every few days for a few weeks.  I’ll update later on how this turns out!

Here’s the recipe, adapted from a random recipe on allrecipes.

Macerate overnight:

1 cup brandy

3 cups golden raisins

1 cup chopped candied ginger

2 cups dried cherries, pineapple, and cranberries

zests from one lemon and one orange

Sift together:

2 cups EACH brown sugar and white sugar

6 cups flour

2 TB baking soda

1 TB ground ginger

4 TB cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg

Then mix:

3 C melted butter

8 eggs

4 TB vanilla

with the fruits, the dry mix, and 3 C toasted walnuts.

Pour into N greased and floured mini loaf pans (I had N=10, but I think N=8 or 9 would also be fine), and bake in a 275 oven for 2 hours.

Let the cake cool completely, then wrap in foil.  Sprinkle 2 TB of brandy over it every other day until you forget about it.  Eat about a month later.

Making the world a fruitier place… one teeny-tiny loaf at a time

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