List of math posts

I’m just doing this by hand.  I’ll try to organize by topic.  A * indicates that it is not for beginners, otherwise, all posts should be pretty beginner friendly (like you don’t need to have taken calculus, but it’s probably better to read the series in order).

Curve complex series

What is the curve complex?

Birman and Menasco’s recent research: dead ends

Curve complex is connected

Efficient geodesics in the curve complex

Homeomorphisms of the torus series

What’s a homeomorphism of the torus?

Let’s use matrices

And other techniques

Graph Theory

Intrinsically knotted graphs

Cayley graphs and groups

Ramsey theory

Cube Complexes

Introduction post*

Notes from Haglund’s minicourse*

Open and “open” problems

Open problem in geometric group theory

Open problem in combinatorics

Open problem in group theory

Open” problem in a movie

Open problem in number theory


What is geometric group theory?

What is a random group?

What is the fundamental group?

Left-orderable groups

Things with the word “hyperbolic”

Proof of Scott’s Theorem for separability*

What is hyperbolic space?

Playing with the hyperbolic plane

Connecting hyperbolic and half translation surfaces: Part I and Part II

Topology/More Geometric Group Theory

Fundamental Theorem of GGT: Part I and Part II (proof)

What is a covering space?


Some thoughts on knots

Kissing numbers

Guest post: torus-knotted baklava (Jeremy Kun)

Universal acylindrical actions

Lifting geodesics to loops

What is a manifold?


Higgs Bundles and Hitchin something notes*

Cantor Sets + Answer to problem

Apollonian circle packings

Notes from Matt Clay’s minicourse on the Guirardel core in outer space*

The Fault in Our Stars, Cantor’s Diagonalization

Back to basics: variables in algebra

Pythagorean Theorem

Linear algebra exercise

Simplicial complexes in combinatorics


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